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Quick Melter - fast melter QM40

For quick melting of blocks or small (er) drops.

Technical description

  • For quick melting of blocks or small (er) drops.

  • Entirely made of stainless steel, slightly pearled.

  • Exterior doors in PVC foam plates.

  • Covers in PC, each with 2 gas springs.

  • Length 3 m, machine width 0.9 m, working height 1 m.

  • Three lids, three grilles, each of which can be placed in 2 positions.

  • Four water circuits, 4 thermostats, 4 immersion resistors and 4 circulation pumps with expansion vessel.

  • Melting capacity blocks 480 kg per hour, melting capacity drops> 500 kg per hour.

  • Agitator horizontally in the underlying chocolate tray.

  • Outlet sideways and underneath.

  • Larger versions on request.

  • Electric version 400 / 220V 3ph+PE 50/60 Hz.

  • With CE documentation in English.

  • Various options available.

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